Replace the bits with info about your tat enquiry and paste all into an email to

My name is Jessica & my pronouns are she/they.
I'd love a full abckpiece without having to sit through the pain roughly a lot of many inches (longer side) placed on my mother fu*king back.

My ideal budget is £900.
I have the following accessibility requirements: I'd like a quiet appointment, will bring my book


Once received the submission I will respond via email, feel free to contact me again if I don't reply within a week or so. To secure your spot I will ask for a £50-100 deposit. Please see FAQs for any other information.


Where are you based?
London, UK

Do you do custom designs?
I am happy to work on custom designs if you have an idea that you think could fit my style, or you want something similar to a design that I have already tattooed, feel free to pitch your idea! Very open interpretations are the best. If you're looking for a custom design, the best way is to send a couple references or sketches.

Do I have to book a design in advance?
That is entirely up to you! You can reserve a design in advance, but you can also choose one from the book on the day. Some flash is tattooed only once, some is repeated, so I might not be able to assure the availability of a piece on the day if you don't reserve something specifically. Variations on pieces that I already tattooed are possible but please mention that on your first email. No drawing will be done on the day of the appointment unless agreed before / small alterations. Freehand stuff is always an option as well but please let me know beforehand if possible as this might require a longer time slot!

How much are your tattoos?
I usually price tattoos by piece and not by hour, unless it's a big project. My minimum is £130. Most of my flash designs are £130-350 depending on size & placement.
Custom designs will be priced from £150.
If you want you can book me for the day (1pm-6pm) and get multiple designs or start a big composition for a fixed day rate of £600 (flash & freehand) or £700 (custom). If you have a specific budget, please mention it in the booking form so we can work reasonably within that!
Do you want to tip me? Snacks are always the best, or ** here ** it's a list of books I'd love to read! second hand books are appreciated ;-)

Do I have to pay a deposit?
Yes. In order to book an appointment I will ask you to put down a £50 deposit that will go towards the final price of the tattoo. This can be done via paypal friends&family, bank transfer or in cash at the shop. Deposits are non refundable, I will however be happy to reschedule the appointment for you and keep the deposit valid if you can give me 7 days notice and are happy to reschedule within reasonable time. If I have to cancel the appointment for any reason and you don't want or can't reschedule, I will return the deposit. In case of longer time slots or full days I might ask you to put down a £100 deposit.
The deposit will be withheld if you cancel at any time, don't show up on the day or reschedule more than once. The deposit might be withheld if you're more than 30 minutes late as this might cause delays and affect other clients.

Do I get a discount if I get multiple designs?
Yes! Everyone loves a deal! I am always happy to give a reasonable discount for multiple pieces. This applies to small and medium pieces especially. I am happy to give good deals on my wannados too!

I live far away, can I get one of your designs tattooed by someone else?
I am trying to travel as much as my time and schedule allow me to, and I would obviously prefer to tattoo my designs myself as that's the best part of the process. BUT.. If this sounds impossible or you live in a place I am not planning to visit in the foreseeable future (2022: realistically everything outside of Europe xcept maybe nyc), I am happy to talk about creating a custom design for you to bring to your artist. I take a pay-what-you-want tip of £20-50 for this.

I am allergic to something used while tattoing, should I let you know?
Yes! If you're allergic to something involved in the process (vaseline, latex, nitrile, chemicals etc) please let me know at least 5 working days prior to your appointment to give me reasonable time to source an alternative!

Is your studio accessible? I am currently at Old Habits which is not step free (3 steps to get in, bathroom downstairs). I am happy to try and sort out an alternative if this is an issue.
When traveling, accessibility might be different, so if you have any requirement, please let me know in the form!

If this does not answer your questions, plese feel free to email me at